Blackjack Perfect Pair

What is Blackjack Perfect Pair?

With three distinct sorts of pairs paying out at various odds, the Blackjack Perfect Pair side wager is made on the assumption that the player’s first two cards will form a pair. A pair is defined as two cards with the same face value for jacks, queens, kings, and aces and the same numerical value for cards between two and ten. Before any cards are dealt, players must choose if they wish to participate in the Perfect Pairs side bet. According to the house regulations of the physical or online casino where you’re playing, the side bet will then be resolved before the main blackjack game is played.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

  • How to Play

Blackjack Perfect Pair follows the same set of rules as other games. You are given two cards. A dealer is dealt two cards. You are permitted to strike, stand, etc.  The side bet is the sole distinction. Your primary bet is not affected by the outcome of this wager. If you come closer to 21 than the dealer or are still in the hand when the dealer busts, you will win the major stake. If you acquire a pair, you win the perfect pairs wager. That seems simple enough, but the payment depends on how well your pair performs. The rewards at various casinos will vary. In certain casinos, the payment for a perfect pair might only be 25 to 1, whereas a another, more generous casino might provide a 35 to 1 payout.

  • The House Hold

The house advantage for the side wager on perfect pairings ranges from 2% to 11%. Only roughly once every 60 hands, on average, will a flawless pair appear. You could see it pop up a bit more frequently or a lot less frequently depending on your luck, but the frequency should be about between those amounts. Blackjack’s house advantage is difficult to determine since it depends on so many different variables. Figuring out the house advantage for this specific side bet is not at all difficult. You begin by figuring out the likelihood that you will receive each hand and compare that to the payoff for each hand. For the purposes of this example, we’ll suppose that you’re participating in a game with eight decks. You must determine your chances of receiving a second card with the same rank and suit as your first card in order to receive the maximum payout of 30 to 1. You have 416 cards in total with 8 decks in play, but one of those has already been dealt. Only 7 of the remaining 415 cards will be used to create your hand.


The house edge on this wager isn’t significantly larger than the house edge on games like roulette with equivalent high payoff bets. In certain instances, you could even be able to deal with a house edge that is even lower than that of roulette. Everything is based on how much each hand’s payments are. By setting up a separate bankroll just for that side bet, you may take a shot at this high reward without putting a significant amount of money on the line. You increase your chances of winning this minimum jackpot before you run out of money by setting that amount equal to the payment for the perfect pairs bet.Like with any wager with a negative expectation, there will eventually be more losses than gains. Blackjack perfect pair is a good example of how money management strategies cannot change the chances of a game.

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